Dementia Signage

Case Study - Audi

Here is a great example of how we have helped solve a client's display dilemma. Audi UK were experiencing difficulties with poster displays - staff members found them hard to erect smoothly and without creases and due to the chosen manufacturing technique the posters were cracking and falling off the walls within a matter of weeks.


Multimount were called in to devise a new system which would ensure a quality, long-lasting Magnetic Poster Board and easy to apply system. The solution was to devise a lighter weight permanent display board, which would accept top quality posters, delivered with magnetic tape applied, ready to adhere smoothly to the display boards.

The end result is a professional showroom, displaying top quality images and messages, with a display system which allows easy poster changes, at a fraction of the previous cost.

This ultra-flexible and cost-effective system has now been developed further with the addition of 'moving' graphic posters (lenticulars), giving a fabulous eye-catching display. This system has now been taken on by two high street retailers nationwide, with seasonal graphic change plans in place already.