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Exhibition Marketing Before the Event

An exhibition is completely unique in the world of marketing. The exhibition visitors are giving you their TIME AND PERMISSION to sell to them. There is no better environment to create business. To leave an event without taking full advantage of this unique situation is CRIMINAL.

Exhibition presentation
  • Invite all your current customers

    Have a coffee with them at your stand. It not only hammers home how well you are doing, you WILL get repeat business from these meetings. Plus, a busy stand always attracts more vistors.

  • Invite visitors to your stand before the event with some sort of incentive

    A major car manufacturer sends out thousands of car keys to exhibition visitors before their show only one of the keys fits the lock to the brand new car on the stand. They are always overrun with visitors seeing if they have won the car. Ok, so you can't give away a car, but what can you offer?

  • Ask for the visitor list

    Ask the event organisers for access to the visitor list, or even last year's visitor list (most of the same people come every year) and target these people with emails, calls and mail shots incentivising them to come and visit your stand.

  • Exhibitions: there is no better environment to create business.