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Multimount was founded in 1994 as a specialist large-format print finishing company providing printers with a fast, reliable service. Today Multimount is the recognised expert in the field of mounting and laminating and our close relationships with some of the country’s biggest printers mean that our end users are many of the best known names in retail and industry.

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To meet our customers' demands we maintain a well equipped facility and a large, flexible work force who above all understand and respect the words "quality" and "deadline".

We’re as capable of providing mock-ups and store trials as we are at producing nationwide roll-outs of display panels and floor graphics, such that Multimount is the best combination anywhere of skills, capacity and competitive pricing.

Our facilities include:

  • 7 laminators for mounting and laminating up to 2M wide
  • Hot encapsulation up to 1.4M wide
  • Small format automatic encapsulation line
  • Large format precision CNC profile cutting
  • Computer cut vinyl lettering up to 1.3M wide
  • 6000 sq ft of production space
  • Fork lift facilities

Our CNC routing facilities enable you to offer more interesting designs and shapes, combining printing techniques with materials such as MDF, PVC, Aluminium, Acrylic and more.

Please note: We archive every job so we can replicate an item in any quantity at any time in the future, guaranteeing perfect consistency as standard.

Banners: All our banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and we’re confident that the quality of the printed image is currently the best available in the world. The image quality is so good that our banners are now being used as display prints - even small point text is sharp!

Digital printing: The print we provide is of exceptional quality on all the substrates we utilise. Our range of machines provide the option of printing on paper, banner PVC, canvas and self-adhesive vinyls up to 2M wide.

  • Anti-graffiti Solutions: Many of your clients would like to add a low-cost, really effective graffiti removal system to their print and we will be happy to discuss their particular requirements.

Please contact Ruth Young for all your enquiries.


As an outsourcing manager for Bezier, one of the biggest suppliers of print to the retail sector in the UK, I’m probably Multimount's most demanding customer! Prices have to be keen and turnaround times are critical so a specialist supplier like Multimount is invaluable in my portfolio of trusted suppliers.
Jonathan Smith, Bezier