Dementia Signage

Our Recycling Policy and Use of Recycled Materials

In 2006 Multimount employed more recycled foam PVC for display purposes in the UK than anyone else.

Recycling Policy

Where possible we use the most eco-friendly materials available, source them in the UK and purchase in bulk. This strategy means we are reducing our waste, employing more water-based and non-pvc materials, reducing deliveries (and therefore emissions) and using recycled/recyclable materials wherever we can.

Currently we are recycling aluminium and acrylic materials.

We have available 3mm, 5mm & 10mm foam PVC sheet which are manufactured from 80% recycled material. We also have a 1mm polypropylene which is 100% recyclable.

Furthermore we have available adhesives and laminates that are polypropylene and utilise water based (biodegradable) adhesives.

Polypropylene only gives off water when it is burned - no harmful chemicals like PVC and polyester.

We are endeavouring to recycle our paper products.

We use registered waste contractors who collect on a regular basis for recycling.